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Whether you’re an elite sportsperson or not,
you need to know your feet are in good hands! 

Chris Webb, BSc (Hons) Podiatry

Hi, I’m Chris. I’ll help you keep your feet in the best possible condition – so you can live your life fully.

I have nearly 25 years’ experience as a podiatrist. I started out working for the NHS, where I covered all aspects of podiatry and specialised in musculoskeletal injuries. Since 2003 I’ve been providing general podiatry services to people across the south of England and my patients include elite footballers and cricketers.

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Elite Sport

Lessons from elite sports

Working day-to-day with professional sportspeople has given me firsthand experience in how I can make a positive impact. Whether it’s helping people rehabilitate from sports injuries or giving them ways to make small but important changes to improve their performance, it all makes a difference.

I use this experience in my work with non-sportspeople too – it gives me a deeper insight and another tool to work with.

An expert in the field

I was involved in the research and development phase of SWIFT microwave technology for the treatment of verrucas and warts. I was one of the first three people using the now-internationally used device – which makes me one of the most experienced practitioners in the world using it. 

I even travelled around the country, teaching other podiatrists how to use the SWIFT machine.

Chris Webb Podiatry is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, CH14789.

Chirs Webb Swift In Use